About Me

Second Life:

I’ve been in Second Life since the 30th of March in 2008. It’s been some heck of a time. Been through lots of friends, roleplays, many ups and downs, lot’s of breaks too… long breaks. But now, I am happy. I enjoy coming onto Second Life and talking to my current friends and just hanging out, taking pictures. All that craic (Irish for fun). Recently I’ve decided I want to do a lot more. I want to look at Second Life in another way. A business sort of way.

So currently I am working on getting my own store set up with mesh clothes and objects made by me. In college I am learning to use 3DS Max for animation, so I’m thinking of starting to set up a business.

I also want to start taking pictures for people. Let me know if you’d like one.

You can contact me on my Flickr through mail here.


Real Life:

I am 19 years old. Haha. I come from the very South of Ireland in a place know as Cork. It’s a beautiful place.
I love to write, draw, play music, hang out with my friends, all that normal sort of stuff. I’m about to finish up my first year in college. I am studying Digital Media. I am hoping to maybe go on into the film industry eventually.

Other than that, there isn’t much to know.


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