About Ailiu


I want to use this blog to share my experiences inside and outside of Second Life. Mainly inside though, lol.

I love to roleplay and shop. My two main loves in Second Life… after my friends. So since I do them a lot. I thought I could just start a blog. Lets see how it turns out. I’ll post as much as I can. Showing my style to the you and sharing my other interests too. Like music, etc. It’s not all about Fashion here.



I am currently setting up a store inside of Second Life, also known as Ailiu. This will be a project that could take up until the end of 2013 to start up.

In college I am learning 3DS Max. These skills I will be using for animation, would also be useful for creating beautiful mesh for inside of second life. This can range from a lot of things; clothes, hair, accessories, furniture, houses… etc.

Keep an eye out on the Ailiu blog for updates on my progress of the store.


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