Social Networking and Blogs

Getting Social!

This is a post about the Social Networks I have set up for my Second Life and also the Blogs which give me inspiration that I follow on a daily basis.




Social Networks

I never really found a point in getting into Social Networks for my second life before I started this blog. It always seemed like a waste of time and maybe too much. Because I already have my real life ones, why would I have Second Life ones. Other than Flickr of course, but I used that to get feedback on the pictures I was taking.

Well anyway, today I’ve just been non stop on these sites. Blogging and social networking and photography seem to be taking up my SL bored times. Which is good because SL is there for my RL bored times. Hehe.

I want to thank Strawberry Singh for giving me a shout out on Plurk. It really boosted my social stuff for second life because I literally didn’t know anyone! And it also made me really happy to see someone who’s blog I’ve followed months now, literally hanging onto every fashion tip or photo tip. To be honest she is one of the big reasons I started blogging. So she really made my day. ❤


My Social Networks:

Here is a list of my social networks if you would like to add me:


Also if you follow me, check out the awesome people I am following. I’m sure they would add you back if you add them too. Everyone is so nice.



I wanted to show ye guys the blog’s I am following at the moment. Check them out and follow them. They are really awesome. Blogging has become my new SL love, like seriously. I think I found something I feel utterly happy to do everyday in my Second Life. Even with role-playing I need my break, but I just feel so happy doing this. I’ve been planning over a year now how I would start, etc. I’m finally there!

Blogs to follow:

>Strawberry Singh
Juicy Bomb
Something Old, Something New
Luna Jubilee
Harlow Heslop
Procrastinating With Style
Confessions of a Broke SL Shopaholic
Bionic Bunny
SL Á La Mode
MD Style Watch
Concerned Bloggers Association
In Cold Blood
Grazia SL
Funny Shoop
Ur So QT
Style Minions
Blogging SL
SL Bloggers Support

That’s pretty much all in my feed reader. If you have a blog, send it to me! I’d love to follow it. I add to this reader almost everyday since I started using it. I used to just bookmark people and look up their sites.

❤ Feed Reader.


This Posts Picture:




Visit FaMESHed here

– LeLutka –
Ariel – Fire Top
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– ISON –
Leather Blocking Tee – Black
Main Store ~ Marketplace

Slán go fóill mo chara! (Goodbye for now my friend)
– Ailish


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