Skin Fair 2013: Adam’n’Eve

Adam’n’Eve Skins

The first in my Skin Fair posts, more coming soon.





For more info about skin fair click here.

Adam and Eve was established in 2005 and offers a wide selection of male and female skins. The owner of the store is sachi Vixen. I picked up Isabella Skin T2.

In the pack I received 6 different types of skins; Nude, Gloss, Blush, Peaches, Pink and Scarlet.

My favorite of the 6 was Scarlet. I also put on the freckles tattoo that came with the pack, it included many other tattoo layers: breast enhancer/dehancer, hair bases (black, brown, pale blonde and red),
bare inner eyelid, eyebrows and dimples (I was curious about these but I didn’t like them, dimples normally show when someone is smiling and is defined by the lines created between the mouth and nose. However when I put this on it was just two dots on my face. Regardless, I still liked the skin.) There was also a glove to remove your nails but I use SLInk mesh hands so this wasn’t important to me.


A Link To Adam’n’Eve’s Website:

Adam’n’Eve Website


A Link To Sachi Vixen’s Flickr:

Sachi Vixen’s Flickr


Visit Adam’n’Eve Inworld:

Adam’n’Eve Store


Adam’n’Eve Marketplace:

Adam’n’Eve Marketplace SecondLife Marketplace Store


The 6 Isabella Skins:

Skin Fair - Adam and Eve Line Up

The only thing I’m wearing other than the normal skin is the freckle tattoo layer. These are raw shots, bare in mind I have windlight settings and I also adjusted the curves in Photoshop so you could see them better. Other than that, these are the images I took.

Here is my last image which is the skin of my choice with an outfit, bellow I will share the clothes I am wearing and where you can get them. Enjoy.


This Posts Picture:

Skin Fair - Adam and Eve Main


Adam’n’Eve Isabella Skin:

– Adam’n’Eve –
Isabella T2 – Scarlet
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– Truth –
Jade – Marmalade
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– SLink –
Mesh Hand Casual
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– {mon tissu} –
Lacy Dress – Frenchy
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– The Arcade –
Website ~ Event

– Glam Affair –
Slice of Paradice – Orange
(This is only available at the Arcade at the moment, see above)
Main Store

– Hucci –
Lavan Wedge – Poppy Red
(This is only available at the Arcade at the moment, see above)
Main Store ~ Marketplace

Slán go fóill mo chara! (Goodbye for now my friend)
– Ailish


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