Roleplay – Hogwarts; Mischief Managed

Dia Duit!

This is going to be my first blog post about roleplay. Roleplaying is an activity people enjoy doing inside and out of secondlife. It involves creating a character and writting about them in a set environment. There are many roleplay sims out there in which you can create and play your own fictional character.

Today I am going to talk about Harry Potter roleplay, and the sim I am currently in; Mischief Managed.

First, a video:


Mischief Managed:

Visit Inworld  ~  Website

Mischief Managed: Hogwarts Castle

Mischief Managed is a beautiful sim. It is a roleplay based on the books by J.K.Rowling; Harry Potter.
For those who don’t know what or who Harry Potter is… shame on you.


About Mischief Managed:

It is a non-profit roleplaying community. Set in the world of Harry Potter in the year, 2019. All characters are original and there is no one from the books being played here, after all that’s illegal.

It opened in early July for a week long preview. Now every Monday it is open to the public. Please visit the sim to find out more, the url is above. I would suggest everyone go see it.


About My Character:

Alice and Joseph

Name: Alice Bowdren
Age – 17
Year – 6th
House – Ravenclaw


Birth Place – Cork, Ireland
Accent – Southern Irish


Wand Info:
Wood: Wood from an Irish Blackthorn
Magical Core: Dragon Heart String
Length: 8 Inches


Alice comes from a well respected Irish family. Years ago they used to be Gypsies and some still are. They own a magical Carnival which travels around Europe.


Wanna know more?
Join and roleplay with me.


Mischief Managed Links:


This Posts Picture:

Alice Bowdren


Hogwarts Uniform:

– Edelweiss –
School Line Vest – Grey
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

– coldLogic –
Trouser – Gassel – Black
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

– Mon Tissu –
Cottage Flats – Black
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

– Wasabi Pills –
Sylvie Mesh Hair – Rouge
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

– Maxi Gossame –
Earing – Roho – Silver
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

– Schadenfreude –
Hud Controlled Tie with Oxford Colour – Ravenclaw colours.
Main Store  ~ Marketplace

– Mischief Managed –
Ravenclaw Badge
Landing Point

Slan go foill mo chara! (Goodbye for now my friend.)
– Ailish


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