Lounging Around

Being Lazy!

So today, I’m having a lazy day. I’m exhausted from the week. I decided I wouldn’t write much today. Just do my pictures and have a review on them. Enjoy 🙂




Tamara Shirt


While I was being super lazy on my parcel. I decided to browse Marketplace. I came across a rather fantastic top. I adore it. It is the Tamara Shirt by Enelya’s Créations. It was only 99L! Yes, 99! Such a good price for a wonderful shirt. I was really happy I bought it. At first I was kind iffy about it but I figured, hey it’s only 99L. There is a demo version but I’m rather impulsive like that. Something I need to fix.


When I was looking at it, I noticed this little thing kept appearing. It’s my skin sticking through very slightly and rarely happened. I tried changing my boob size, even made them saggy. Which by the way, doesn’t look good on the front seeing as though it shows cleavage. I didn’t want to put on a bigger size because it fits me perfectly. I don’t think it was a problem with the alpha though, possibly my ao being a pain as usual. But I love it. I get all my ao’s at Vista Animations. I’m too lazy to make my own. Regardless, I put on some big hair that flows to the side and it’s barely noticeable.


Another image I want to redo, I feel like it’s a good image and can be better.

Anyway I love this outfit! Everygirl should try this hot, sexy look everyonce in awhile!


Bare Feet:


So… Women’s Natural Barefeet by SLink are by far my favourite feet to wear in SL. I love them soooo much. At first I did have a problem trying to get the skin tone to match up but that’s mainly because of my noobish ways on adjusting skin tones. I only had two type of feet before that we’re prims. The reason why I love wearing them? Mainly because it gets rid of those hideous SL ankles and replaces them with natural ones. I mean look… those ankles are hawt!


I don’t have any critics about these feet. Just basically follow the instructions and be careful with your windlight settings and that massive light that like to blind us when we are adjusting out appearance. They can brighten it too much and leave you fixing it to something totally off when you leave the editor.


This Posts Picture:



Late Morning:

– Enelya’s Créations –
Tamara – Black
(Has hud with many colours)
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– Truth –
Tashia – Marmalade
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– SLInk –
Women’s Natural Barefeet
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– Label Mode –
Prim Teeth – Perfect

Used this alpha layer by iLogic to have the lips open to show the teeth. I think it’s something to do with SL now that it doesn’t let that alpha on the teeth work or something like that. So nothing is wrong with the teeth. I used alpha layer 4, for those wondering.

Slán go fóill mo chara! (Goodbye for now my friend)
– Ailish


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