Blogging 2.0

My Return:

So in February I returned to Second Life, after a few month break due to college. When I returned I brought new skills with me and a greater thirst to be creative inside of Second Life.





So recently college has become a little less hectic. I decided I wanted to put more time into Second Life and this blog, because it really means a lot to me. I was looking at the views the other day and noticed that people were still coming to look at the blog, even with no new posts. So today I decided to change that!

I’m going to try and post 2, 3 times a week now 🙂 So please follow my blog and share with your friends, it would mean a lot to me ❤

I came on SL and begun to work on a new photo. I went to FaMESHed to check out the new seasons clothes for this post. I wanted to make a new profile picture too and since I learnt so much in college about Photoshop I thought it was time to test out my new skills.

Here's the image:
Notice that the name on the image is Ailish. This is Irish for Alice 🙂

This Posts Picture:

Ailish in the Woods


Ailish In The Woods:

– FaMESHed –
Website ~ Store

– Truth –
London – Marmalade
(Hair colour is different, changed due to Photoshop adjustments.)
Main Store ~ Marketplace

– Tee*fy –
Olga Sweatshirt Dress – Polka Dot Grey
Soft Wool Jersey Leggings – Black Tucked
(Got both of these at FaMESHed, the tucked leggings fit perfectly. Although you can’t see them in the image.)
Main Store ~ Marketplace

Slán go fóill mo chara! (Goodbye for now my friend)
– Ailish


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