A New Start


I have made a lot of changes the past couple of weeks. I think it’s about time my blog has had some changes too. So I have come up with a solution; completely changing it. I used to blog on Blogger. But I decided that I wasn’t a bit more freedom. I do web design in college, yes it’s lazy of my to use WordPress. But I don’t want to commit my time to building something that mightn’t take effect. But I have decided to use what WordPress can offer me, and maybe a little bit of photoshopping here or there. Mainly just for the header.

I created a lot of new emails, and accounts… it’s been a long day.

Please comment, share and follow my posts. It would mean a lot to me.

I would however, now like to start my new blog by moving my old posts over. It’s not much, but I would still like any new viewers to be able to see my progression from the very start.

So let’s go to the very start shall we?


A video:


Why Blog?

I’ve nearly completed my first year of college. I started my blogging adventure on my first day, litteraly.

It enticed me to make some changes; I cleaned out my friend list in Second Life. I also started to draw again. I got really into editing photos during the year, and I got a big interest in painting in Photoshop. My images are still very amateur but, I’m learning.

I mainly wanted to start blogging because I watch a lot of YouTube. A lot of people I watch blog about their daily lives. As cool as this would be to do, I just don’t think I have the time to commit. For now I think I want to blog in Second Life. It gives me space to do a lot of things, and it certainly gives me better ideas for blogging.

I did want to start a daily type of blog, mainly because of CTFxC. I love those guys. It would be a fun thing to try but for now I think I’m going to do my couple times a week posts. Maybe during the Summer I can challenge myself to do this.

Here is a link to CTFxC/Internet Killed Telivision, for those interested and bellow is their wedding video. Probably my favourite video on YouTube…


About My Second Life:

I’ve been in Second Life since the 30th of March in 2008. (5 Years this Saturday!!!)  It’s been some heck of a time. Been through lots of friends, roleplays, many ups and downs, lot’s of breaks too… long breaks. But now, I am happy. I enjoy coming onto Second Life and talking to my current friends and just hanging out, taking pictures. All that craic (Irish for fun). Recently I’ve decided I want to do a lot more. I want to look at Second Life in another way. A business sort of way.

So currently I am working on getting my own store set up with mesh clothes and objects made by me. In college I am learning to use 3DS Max for animation, so I’m thinking of starting to set up a business.

I also want to start taking pictures for people. Let me know if you’d like one.

You can contact me on my Flickr through mail here.


About My First Life:

I am 19 years old. Haha. I come from the very South of Ireland in a place know as Cork. It’s a beautiful place.
I love to write, draw, play music, hang out with my friends, all that normal sort of stuff. I’m about to finish up my first year in college. I am studying Digital Media. I am hoping to maybe go on into the film industry eventually.

Other than that, there isn’t much to know.


About This Blog:

I want to use this blog to share my experiences inside and outside of Second Life. Mainly inside though, lol.

I love to roleplay and shop. My two main loves in Second Life… after my friends. So since I do them a lot. I thought I could just start a blog. Lets see how it turns out. I’ll post as much as I can. Showing my style to the you and sharing my other interests too. Like music, etc. It’s not all about Fashion here.

This Posts Picture:

I absolutly hate this picture now but, anyway. Tomorrow I’m going to redo this picture and show ye what I come up with. Regardless of that, here is the original one for this post:

Pink Faun Avatar, photoshoped

Pink Faun Avatar, raw

Pink Faun:

– Epic –
Basic Faun Legs – Pink
Fantasy Faun Ears – Pink
Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail – Pink
Mythic Dryad Antlers – Pink Tourmaline
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

*Severed Garden*
Eiko – Rose
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

Draw – Colour Pack 2
Main Store  ~  Marketplace

Slan go foill mo chara! (Goodbye for now my friend.)
~ Ailish


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